Revolutionize Your Editing Experience with CapCut APK Pro For Android 2024

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate video editor to polish your content for TikTok, YouTube, Instagram Reels, or Facebook, look no further than CapCut. As the go-to choice for content creators in 2024, CapCut offers a seamless editing experience packed with powerful features.

By downloading and installing the CapCut APK, you gain access to a treasure trove of tools and functionalities not available in other editing apps. This modified version enhances your editing capabilities without the need for pricey subscriptions or software purchases.

Unlock exclusive features with CapCut Pro Version, including cloud storage, advanced cutting tools, unlimited filters and templates, seamless transitions, captivating text effects, AI-generated enhancements, an extensive sticker library, and a diverse selection of royalty-free music tracks.


What’s New in Cap Cut APK 11.5.0:

We have added the most awaited features:

  • Optimized Performance
  • Keyframe video animation
  • Optimized User experience
  • Green screen & chroma key
  • Freeze Frame effect
  • Improved auto caption feature
  •  Performance and user experience optimizations

Size: 234 MB | Version: 11.5.0

Elevate Your Video Editing Game with CapCut App APK 11.5.0 [No Watermark & Premium Unlocked]

CapCut stands as a robust Vide editing , boasting a journey since its inception on April 10, 2020, to become a cornerstone in creative video editing. Offering an array of features like cutting, filters, transitions, and text effects, it caters to users ranging from beginners to seasoned professionals.

CapCut APK serves as the downloadable installer for Android devices. With version 11.5.0, updated in March 2024, and compatibility requiring Android 5.0 and above, users can delve into video editing on any suitable Android device.

With a staggering download count surpassing 500 million, CapCut also presents in-app purchases ranging from $0.29 to $174.99 per item. Dive into the realm of customization and refinement for your videos, while engaging with a vibrant community across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, all united under the CapCut banner.

Feel free to reach out to support at for any inquiries.

CapCut Pro APK Features [Latest Version]

Here is the list of all the premium and advanced features you will get with the latest version of our CapCut Premium APK for Android.

  • Royalty Free Music!
  • Hottest Fonts and Stickers!
  • High Quality Video Editing!
  • Awesome Video Effects & Animations!
  • Free to Use!
  • Video Cutter App!
  • Auto Velocity!
  • 60+ Transition Effects!
  • Vector Graphs!
  • Time Travel Effect!
  • XML Support!
  • No-Ads!
  • Free all Pro Features!
  • Royalty Free Music!
  • Simple User Interface!
  • Magical Effects!
  • HSL Adjustment!
  • All Creator Tools!
  • MP3 Cutter App!
  • Free Makeup-Kit!
  • Auto Reframe Feature!
  • No in-app purchases!
  • 3D Text Feature!
  • Slow Motion & Speed Control!
  • Key Frame Animation & Curve!
  • Inbuilt Video Compressor & Converter!

What is CapCut Video Editor?

If you’re new to video editing, the essential app to install on your smartphone is the Cap Cut Hack APK.

This version is a customized and enhanced iteration of the CapCut Pro APK, offering a plethora of additional features and integrated in-app purchases. Typically, accessing these extra features would require payment from your own pocket.

That’s why we recommend you download CapCut Mod APK from This particular version gives you complete control over your video editing. Whether you want to make reels or documentaries, it is a go-to video editing tool.

Moreover, it boasts an impressive user interface that is incredibly user-friendly, ensuring accessibility even for beginners. With its intuitive features and straightforward design, Cap Cut Hack APK empowers anyone to maximize their editing potential.

Not only individuals, but businesses also use CapCut to edit their videos nowadays. For the demo, you can check SASSA status videos they are using for their business.

PRO Features Of CapCut Mod Apk

Every pro feature of Cap Cut APK serves a specific purpose and holds significance in the realm of video editing. Each feature is meticulously crafted to elevate and enhance your videos, ensuring a polished end result.

  • Advanced Filters And Effects: we’ve incorporated an extensive array of advanced filters and effects. These cutting-edge features encompass creative overlays, cinematic filters, glitch effects, and much more. Each of these options is tailored for professional-level editing, ensuring seamless usage within the modified version of our video editing app.
  • Customizable Text And Titles: As a content creator, you have the freedom to select from a diverse range of colors, texts, animations, and fonts to enhance the engagement of your videos. This feature proves especially valuable for creators crafting lyrical content on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. Additionally, with the CapCut Mobile App, seamlessly incorporating captions and subtitles into your videos is hassle-free, adding further versatility to your editing toolkit.
  • Audio Editing Tools: The special version of CapCut grants users access to a comprehensive suite of audio editing tools and features. With this version, you can effortlessly remove noise, apply fade in or fade out effects to your audio tracks, and fine-tune your sound to perfection.
  • Green Screen (Chroma Key) Effect: The Cap Cut Modded version has a chroma key effect that lets you change video backgrounds and add or remove people easily. It’s a helpful tool for personalizing videos.

  • It will be more likely to get viral your video if you edit your video using these features.
No Watermark
Latest Version
Premium APK

CapCut App Pros and Cons

Cap Cut Apk stands out as a remarkable video editing mobile application, boasting numerous impressive features alongside a few minor drawbacks. It’s noteworthy that only one out of every fifty users encountered any issues, indicating that there’s little cause for concern.


  • Visually stunning filters and effects.
  • Improved features to enhance the videos.
  • High-resolution output options are readily available.
  • Easy to add or remove audio, person, and background.


  • Glitches, lagging, or instability can happen due to insufficient space or background running apps on your smartphone.


CapCut APK Vs. Official App

If you are comparing mod apk CapCut to its oiginal apk, we recommend choosing the modified version. The modified version is superior to the official app, as it offers premium features at no cost.

  • Improved Features: The modified version offers more features and unlocks everything for users, including effects, filters, video templates, and editing tools, for a better video editing experience.
  • No Ads/Watermarks: CapCut modified version = no watermarks on videos. The official app adds CapCut watermark to edited videos.
  • No In-App Purchases: CapCut has recently introduced in-app purchases for monthly subscriptions that provide access to all pro features, including cloud storage up to 100GB, additional filters, effects, and music. However, by using the hacked apk of CapCut, you will get everything unlocked for free.
FeatureCapCut APKCapCut Official
CostFree (with premium features)In-app purchases (ranging from $0.29 to $174.99)
FeaturesImproved, more effects, filtersStandard features
Ads/WatermarksNo watermarksCapCut watermark on edited videos
In-App PurchasesNone (everything unlocked)Monthly subscriptions for pro features
User ExperienceSuperior, enhanced editingStandard editing experience

The modified version of CapCut (CapCut Mod APK unlocked all) is meticulously crafted to deliver premium features to users without any cost. It encompasses all the enhanced functionalities aimed at enriching the video editing experience to its fullest potential.

In contrast, the official CapCut app offers standard features with in-app purchases and adds a watermark to edited videos. Opting for the modified version of CapCut would grant you an ad-free experience along with access to additional creative tools, making it the preferable choice for users seeking an enhanced editing experience.

System Requirements for CapCut

Before using APK file of Cap Cut, ensure your phone meets the requirements. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Supported OS: The app requires Android 5.0 or a more recent version.
  • RAM And Processor: To efficiently use CapCut Premium APK pro, your phone should have a dual-core processor with a minimum frequency of 1.4 GHz and 2 GB of RAM. It ensures a smooth performance with no glitches or lagging.
  • Graphics GPU: To edit videos effectively with CapCut, your mobile phone should also have a minimum of 2 GB GPU VRAM capacity.

How to Install CapCut APK on Android?

Have you made up your mind to download and install CapCut Mod APK ? Well, all you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. First, enable the “Unknown Sources” option on your Android phone’s settings. It is present in the privacy or security section of your phone.
  2. Once you enable “Unknown Sources,” installing the CapCut app should be problem-free.
  3. Download APK file of Cap Cut from our website right now.
  4. When the download completes in your download manager, tap on the application and choose ALLOW PERMISSIONS.
  5. Start installing it and keep following the on-screen instructions.
  6. When the installation process ends, you will get notified that your app has been installed successfully.

Get CapCut Pro APK Now!

Unlock a world of premium features and endless creative possibilities in video editing by downloading the CapCut Pro APK—the complete version of the app. With this version, you can unleash your creativity in your favorite video projects without interruptions from ads, watermarks, or any other limitations, all at no cost.

App Name:CapCut Pro APK
Version: 11.5.0
Size: 234 MB
Required OS: Android 5.0 and up
Developer: Bytedance Pte. Ltd.
Category: Video Players & Editors
Updated: March 2024


CapCut ek shaktishali Video Maker hai sath Music & Video Editing, jo Bytedance Pte. Ltd. ne develop kiya. Iski release date April 10, 2020 hai, aur yeh creative video editing ke liye pramukh tool bana hai. Yeh cutting, filters, transitions, aur text effects jaise features offer karta hai, jo shuruaati se lekar professional tak sabhi ke liye upyukt hai.

CapCut एक शक्तिशाली वीडियो मेकर है साथ में संगीत और वीडियो संपादन, जो Bytedance Pte. Ltd. ने विकसित किया। इसकी रिलीज़ तिथि अप्रैल 10, 2020 है, और यह क्रिएटिव वीडियो संपादन के लिए प्रमुख उपकरण बन चुका है। यह कटौती, फ़िल्टर, संक्रमण, और पाठ प्रभाव जैसी सुविधाएं प्रदान करता है, जो शुरुआती से लेकर पेशेवर तक सभी के लिए उपयुक्त है।

CapCut is a free video editing app, but it is becoming a premium app with recent in-app purchases. You get many templates free in the CapCut video editing app. But, with our Premium Unlocked Cap Cut Modded APK, you will get unlimited video templates.

Copyright-free content makes CapCut stand out in the competition even from the Premier Pro. Do not worry about copyright when you are using CapCut’s music.

Yes, when you export your edited videos from the CapCut, it adds a watermark to it. But do not worry; with our latest version of the premium apk of CapCut video editing app, you can export your videos without any watermark.

CapCut’s pro version is a subscription based model. So, to get pro features or extra storage, you need to pay for the subscription. But, if you want to get it for free, click on the above download link to download the APK file for free.

There are three ways to remove CapCut’s watermark from your videos. 

First, choose the “Export without a watermark” option while exporting your video. Second, trim the video from the last. Third, use CapCut’s hacked version. You can download it from website.

Yes, you can easily share your edited videos directly from the CapCut modified version. All you need to do is click on the edited video, click on three dots for more options, and click on share.

There is a dedicated desktop app of CapCut for PC. Download that on your PC or use Android Emulator to run CapCut on your PC. Alternatively, download capcut hacked apk for pc from our website.

You can download CapCut video editing app from Apple’s App Store or download CapCut for iOS from, the official website in India.

Recently, Indian government banned all Chinese apps and ByteDance products, including CapCut in India due to public privacy concerns. But don’t worry; we are here to provide you with the official support of CapCut in India.

Download CapCut APK in India from the above button and enjoy a free video editing journey.

Yes, because of recent banns, using a trusted VPN to edit videos with CapCut in India is highly recommended.

We recommend NordVPN for using CapCut safely in India. It offers all the necessary features along with fast and safe surfing.

ByteDance is the parent company that owns the TikTok and the famous CapCut app.